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Airtable vs. Miro Price Analysis: Where Cost-effectiveness Reigns Supreme

Nothing comes for free in this world, especially in the business realm. Whether it’s project tracking, team coordination, data visualization or virtual collaboration, you can use robust tools at your fingertips to manage all these by making a solid investment.

Wondering what investment, we are talking about? It’s an investment to boost your organizational productivity. A deal that will ensure growth and prosperity. We are referring to project management tools that are the keystones to improved and strategic business management.

Who doesn’t want to excel in the business realm without the costs getting sky-high? You are lucky, for today we will present to you Airtable and Miro, two PM virtuosos. We will dissect their pricing plans while closely evaluating the feature range.

Are you ready to jump into this elaborate Airtable vs. Miro pricing guide? Let’s see which vendor offers the best bang for your buck.

Airtable-Buiding Intuitive Workflows

Airtable is an avant-garde project management solution facilitating developers with endless functionalities, enabling them to build next-gen apps. Tending to the ever-changing needs of teams it fosters effective team management and enhances collaboration. It streamlines requests, manages budgets, runs campaigns, and builds roadmaps.

Being a customizable solution, Airtable enables project managers to mold it to their needs. Operationalize your data going beyond rigid tools as this platform features it all under one roof. With Airtable’s AI technology, you reimagine your workflows, as this co-code platform will help you excel. It even customizes apps, accelerates project flow, and boosts team coordination.

Dissecting the Price Structure of Airtable

Exploring the pricing plans of Airtable through the website is a hassle. That’s why we will pen down the price range and the salient offerings of all four pricing bundles of Airtable, namely Free, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. This will make it easier for you to compare and contrast all options.

The feature range of all these plans varies considerably to meet unique needs. The best thing about this vendor is that it practices complete transparency. You can also choose between monthly and annual subscriptions based on your financial health. Let’s review Airtable pricing plans one by one.


It is the entry-level pricing bundle by Airtable. It works for individuals and fresh startups at a low scale. This is a cost-free plan packing a limited feature portfolio tending to the basic needs of businesses. Besides unlimited bases, it offers the following services:

  • Real-time collaboration and commenting
  • Mobile apps
  • Interface Designer
  • Grid, calendar, form, kanban, gallery, and list views
  • Automation integrations


The Team pricing plan of Airtable nurtures team connectivity. It charges $20/seat /month, billed annually. It offers much more than free plans and suits solo entrepreneurs with growing needs. Alongside free plan specs, it provides the following:

  • Custom branded forms
  • Gantt and timeline view
  • Personal and locked views
  • Sections
  • Standard sync integrations
  • Pre-built extensions
  • Scripting and custom extensions
  • Field and table editing permissions
  • Granular interface permissions


Business is one of Airtable’s most in-demand pricing plans. This value package includes exclusive functionalities that indeed make a difference. It packs customizable and advanced services, enabling firms to scale at their desired pace. It costs $45/seat/month, billed annually and will equip you with the following specs:

  • Premium sync integrations
  • Verified data
  • Two-way sync
  • Admin panel
  • SAML-based single sign-on
  • 1-year revision and snapshot history
  • Personal and locked views


The enterprise plan of Airtable meets the global needs of organizations. It works beyond limitations to satisfy clients, fulfilling governance requirements. This tailor-made offers all Business plan services along with the following impeccable services:

  • On-premises sync integrations
  • Enterprise Hub
  • Enhanced security and admin controls
  • Enterprise API
  • Extension and integration management
  • Audit logs and DLP

Miro-Visual Workspace For Innovation

Miro is a well-structured project management platform known for its intuitive interface and unprecedented visuals. It helps organizations score big by unlocking their optimal potential and identifying growth opportunities. Emphasizing on innovation, Miro fosters a collaborative workspace environment.

It puts an end to project juggling by prioritizing them and even eliminates manual task processing needs. What adds to the glory of this project management marvel is continuous alignment with a company’s strategies. Besides that, Miro’s customer-centric mindset paints a beautiful canvas, capturing insights to structure personalized products.

Dissecting The Price Structure of Miro

Now, let’s review Miro’s pricing structure to assess its significance in terms of price tag. Miro’s pricing plans are finely presented and are synonymous with the utmost transparency. Nothing is kept hidden from the users, so you will know beforehand what you will get and at what price.

Miro software offers four full-packed price packages: Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise. All these plans come with monthly and annual pricing tiers where you can save up to 20% by going for the yearly tier. Here’s the catch: you can gain detailed insights into the Miro through its free trial. With that said, let’s explore the details of Miro pricing plans.


This plan supports basic project management and collaboration and costs nothing. Using the Free plan of Miro software, you will be entitled to the following services:

  • Basic Board Exports
  • Core Integrations
  • Authentication Via Slack, Google, and Office 365
  • Help Center
  • Interactive Presentation Mode
  • Templates By Miro


The Starter pricing plan of Miro is primarily for time tracking and collaboration management. It costs $8/seat/month, billed annually, and includes five free guest licenses. Using the Starter pricing plan of Miro, you will be entitled to these additional services:

  • Custom Templates
  • Private Board Sharing
  • Advanced Board Exports
  • Cora, Jira, And Confluence Integrations
  • Voting
  • Timer
  • Projects
  • Video Chat
  • Manual Backup
  • Board History
  • Email Support
  • Estimation app


Now we will review the business plan of Miro. It is loaded with unlimited private workspaces, secures collaboration, and helps visualize project streams. Also, it elevates project management by conducting workshops for teams, etc. It costs $16/user/month, and you can use it to embrace advanced collaboration. The added specs of this plan include the following:

  • Miro Smart Meetings
  • Miro Smart Diagramming
  • Centralized Accounts
  • SAML Single Sign-on
  • Team-level app management


The enterprise plan is tailor-made and encompasses all exquisite enterprise-grade functionalities. It allows for unlimited guest licenses and supports unlimited data storage. Using the Enterprise pricing plan of Miro, you can avail these additional services:

  • Access to API and Developer Center
  • Account exports
  • Audit logs
  • Custom roles
  • SCIM user provisioning
  • Organization-level app management
  • SaaS asset management integrations

Presenting The Winner

Miro beats Airtable at the price game. For professionals seeking enhanced project visualizations, Miro shines. It offers all essential features, supports scalability, and ensures data security while providing cost-effective bundles.

As for Airtable, even though it is somewhat pricey, it still offers a fair deal for teams looking to transform their workflows inside out. It’s a game-changer packed with powerful governance features for enterprises looking to build next-gen applications.

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