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How To Handplant In Skate 3?

Skate 3, a game that has stood the test of time, continues to captivate skaters and gamers alike with its realistic physics and thrilling gameplay.

Among its plethora of tricks, the Handplant holds a special place for its gravity-defying allure and technical precision.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater in the virtual world or a newcomer eager to master this trick, this blog post is crafted to help you nail the Handplant with ease and style.

Understanding the Basics: What is a Handplant?

Before diving into the intricacies of executing a Handplant in Skate 3, let’s understand what this trick entails.

A Handplant, in skateboarding terms, is an aerial maneuver where you plant one hand on the ramp while rotating your body and board in the air.

In Skate 3, this translates into a spectacular display of control and balance, marrying the real-world thrill of skateboarding with the game’s intuitive mechanics.

Preparatory Steps: Setting Up for Success

The journey to a perfect Handplant begins way before you hit the ramp. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose the Right Environment: For beginners, start with a bowl or a quarter pipe. These structures offer the ideal curvature and height, making it easier to get the hang of the Handplant.
  2. Get Your Skater in Motion: Build up a decent amount of speed as you approach the ramp. Speed is crucial – it gives you the necessary momentum to launch into the air and execute the trick.
  3. Mind the Approach: As you near the ramp, focus on the angle of your approach. A direct, head-on approach works best as it allows for better control during the ascent.

The Key to Perfection: Button Combinations and Timing

Once you’ve set the stage with the right speed and approach, it’s time to delve into the crux of the Handplant-the precise button combinations and timing.

Skate 3’s responsive controls offer a realistic experience, and mastering these will make you a pro at the Handplant.

Executing the Handplant: The Crucial Moments

  1. Approaching the Lip: As you reach the lip of the bowl or quarter pipe, it’s crucial to maintain your focus. This is where the trick really begins.
  2. The Right Shoulder Button (RB): Right as you hit the lip, press the RB (Right Shoulder Button) on your controller. This initiates the Handplant maneuver. For PS3 users, this corresponds to the R1 button.
  3. Left Joystick Dynamics: While pressing the RB/R1 button, make sure you’re pushing forward on the Left Joystick. This ensures your skater positions their hand correctly for the plant.
  4. Customizing Your Trick: To add flair to your Handplant, use the Square or Circle buttons on PS3, or X or B on Xbox 360, concurrently with the RB/R1 press. This lets you modify your Handplant, adding variety and style to your move.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember, the key to nailing the Handplant in Skate 3 lies in practice. It’s not uncommon to miss the lip or lose balance on your first few tries.

Each attempt, successful or not, is a step towards perfecting this trick. Pay attention to the timing of your button presses and the angle of your approach – these nuances make all the difference.

Overcoming Challenges: Troubleshooting Tips for the Perfect Handplant

Even with the right approach and technique, mastering the Handplant in Skate 3 can present challenges. Let’s address some common issues and provide tips to smooth out your learning curve.

Challenge 1: Missing the Lip

Problem: One of the most frequent issues players face is missing the lip of the ramp, leading to a failed Handplant attempt.

Solution: Focus on your approach. Ensure you’re heading straight towards the lip and adjust your speed. Too fast and you might overshoot, too slow and you might not reach the lip. Find that sweet spot in your speed.

Challenge 2: Timing the Button Presses

Problem: Incorrect timing of the RB/R1 and joystick presses can result in a botched trick.

Solution: Practice the rhythm of pressing RB/R1 right as you hit the lip. Simultaneously, push forward on the left joystick. This coordination is key. Try counting in your head as you approach to nail the timing.

Challenge 3: Customizing the Trick

Problem: Players often struggle to add variety to their Handplant, sticking to the basic move.

Solution: Experiment with the Square/Circle or X/B buttons along with the RB/R1. Each combination offers a different style. Practice these variations in a low-pressure environment, like the free skate mode, to build confidence.

Final Thoughts: Persistence Pays Off

The essence of skateboarding, even in a virtual world like Skate 3, is about persistence and practice.

Each failed attempt is a lesson, each successful Handplant a triumph.

Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be pulling off Handplants with ease, ready to impress in the virtual skate parks.


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